The Mesa Neighborhood Organization
At a planning meeting in November of 2007, residents in attendance approved by a majority vote starting the process to create a neighborhood organization. A Formation Committee was established of volunteers, whose first obligation was to prepare bylaws which define the purpose, boundaries and organization of The Mesa Neighborhood Organization.

The original bylaws were presented and ratified at the First Annual Meeting on February 29, 2008. Amended bylaws were presented and ratified at the Second Annual Meeting March 26, 2009. The current bylaws were amended, presented and ratified at the Third Annual Meeting March 25, 2010.

The Mesa Neighborhood Organization Bylaws
Amended and Ratified March 25, 2010

Article I – Name
The name of the organization is “The Mesa Neighborhood Organization”.

Article II – Principal Office
The principal office of the organization shall be the mailing address of the Secretary of the Organization.

Article III – Purpose
The purpose of the organization is to promote communication among the residents and business owners of The Mesa, and with the City of Palm Springs and its several departments and agencies, for the following specific non-exclusive common interests:
(1) to facilitate effective communication in any time of danger or natural disaster, and to promote public safety;
(2) to foster public improvements, and to promote beautification of the area;
(3) to recognize the privacy of individual ownership. The organization and officers on its behalf will take no position with respect to private property;
(4) to assist in preservation of the historic quality of the area; and
(5) to undertake such projects as are consistent with these purposes and the common good.

These by-laws and The Mesa Neighborhood Organization are expressly not established for the purpose of creating any future homeowner association under California law, or to restrict in any manner the exclusive private property rights of each owner and resident of property within the Mesa neighborhood.

Article IV – Neighborhood Boundaries
The Mesa Neighborhood Organization is that area of homes, lots and businesses that at the southern boundary are located north of, but not including, Cantina Way; the northern boundary includes property addresses on El Camino Way/Ridge Road and Alta Vista Road; the western boundary is along and east of the eastern slope of the San Jacinto Mountains; the eastern boundary is west of the centerline of South Palm Canyon Drive.

Article V – Membership
Section 1. Membership in the organization shall be open to all residents, including business occupants and owners of property within the neighborhood boundaries. All members may actively participate in organization events, activities and meetings.
Section 2. Each Mesa property address entitles the resident(s) to one vote. A member with more than one property address or undeveloped lot may cast one vote for each property address or undeveloped lot. Proxy voting shall be allowed for any member unable to attend a meeting.
Section 3. Members are entitled to hold positions on the Advisory Committee and to vote at committee meetings if a member of the committee and at the Annual Meeting.
Section 4. All members of the organization shall hold the Advisory Committee harmless from any responsibilities associated with carrying out the affairs of the organization.

Article VI – Donations or Contributions
No dues are required for membership. The Mesa Neighborhood Organization depends, however, on voluntary contributions to cover the basic costs of any ongoing organization that keeps its members informed, such as website maintenance, mailings to residents and other essential expenses. Neighborhood projects adopted by The Mesa will require donations to carry out such projects. Donations by residents are encouraged and appreciated. All donated funds will be used judiciously.

Article VII – The Advisory Committee
Section 1. The direction and management of the affairs of the organization shall be vested in the Advisory Committee, who shall have discretion to determine all expenditures to be made in carrying out the purposes of the organization.
Section 2. Decisions of the Advisory Committee shall be determined by a simple majority vote. In the event of a tie vote, the Chairperson of the organization shall cast an additional deciding vote.
Section 3. Advisory Committee members shall be elected at the Annual Meeting to a term of two years. Any voting member, including previous members of the Advisory Committee, may seek election to an open term on the Advisory Committee.
Section 4. The initial Advisory Committee selected pursuant to by-laws prior to the 2008 Annual Meeting shall be ratified as a group by majority vote at the 2008 Annual Meeting. In order to institute staggered terms on the committee after the election of Advisory Committee members at the initial Annual Meeting of 2008, committee members will thereafter draw lots to determine which members’ terms expire in 2010. Those terms not expiring shall continue for an additional one year, to 2011. Thereafter, the Advisory Committee shall consist of at least seven, but not more than eleven, voting members. Not more than one resident or occupant per property address or undeveloped lot may be elected or serve on the Advisory Committee.
Section 5. In case of any vacancy, the Advisory Committee may elect a successor to hold office for the unexpired term of the Advisory Committee member whose position is vacated.
Section 6. Advisory Committee members are expected to attend all meetings in person. Five members are required for a quorum.
Section 7. No compensation shall be paid to members of the Advisory Committee.
Section 8. The Advisory Committee shall appoint a representative and alternate to serve on the City of Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee.
Section 9. A member of the Advisory Committee may be removed for cause, including violation of the by-laws, by a two-thirds majority of voting members at a duly-noticed meeting of the organization, provided the Advisory Committee member subject to removal has been notified in writing of the proposed removal at least 20 days prior to the meeting.

Article VIII – Officers
Section 1. The annually elected officers of the organization shall be:
A. Chairperson
B. Vice-Chairperson
C. Treasurer
D. Secretary
Section 2. The initial officers selected by the Advisory Committee shall each be ratified by a majority of voting members at the 2008 Annual Meeting. Thereafter, officers are elected to a one-year term at each Annual Meeting. Any voting member, including former officers, may seek election to an officer position.
Section 3. No compensation shall be paid to officers.
Section 4. The Chairperson shall be a member of, and preside at meetings of the Advisory Committee and the Annual Meeting, and shall be responsible to carry out all the purposes of the organization. The Chairperson is specifically to:
A. assure that the by-laws are enforced;
B. coordinate meeting dates;
C. have signatory authority on all accounts, together with the Vice-Chairperson;
D. approve reimbursements of Advisory Committee members for organization related expenses. Any expenditure over $250 requires the signature of two of the following: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, or Secretary;
E. maintain communication with all members, prepare an annual budget and annual report on the status of the organization, including future recommendations;
F. appoint committee chairpersons and committee members;
G. serve as, or delegate, a spokesperson for the organization in dealings with local government, the press, or other neighborhood organizations.
Section 5. The Vice-Chairperson shall be a member of the Advisory Committee and shall:
A. act as Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson;
B. carry out assignments given by the Chairperson;
C. serve as parliamentarian in applying Robert’s Rules of Order.
Section 6. The Treasurer shall:
A. receive monies;
B. pay expenses;
C. maintain on-going bank records;
D. maintain a current listing of all donations;
E. provide a detailed financial statement to the Advisory Committee at its request and at the Annual Meeting;
F. turn over all records, funds and assets to a successor.
Section 7. The Secretary shall:
A. maintain accurate minutes of meetings of the Advisory Committee and all membership meetings;
B. transmit such minutes to all appropriate parties;
C. prepare official correspondence;
D. maintain a list of all active members, including contact information.
E. maintain meetings sign-in sheets.

Article IX – Annual Member Meetings
At minimum, an Annual Meeting of all residents, including businesses and owners of undeveloped lots within The Mesa shall normally occur during February, at a time and place designated by the Advisory Committee, so long as the date and preliminary agenda is communicated in writing to all members at least twenty (20) days prior to the meeting date.

Article X –Notice of Meetings
Notice of the place, date and time of each meeting of The Mesa Neighborhood Organization shall be given to all residents, including businesses and owners of undeveloped lots within the boundaries of the organization, either (1) by e-mail, or (2) by mailed notice, or (3) by delivery in person, at least 20 days before the meeting. The notice shall include a preliminary agenda. All meetings of the organization and its committees shall be open to the public and shall permit every member to participate.

Article XI – Books and records
The organization books and records shall be kept by the Secretary. Such records include all of the activities and transactions of the organization, including a minute book, which shall contain a copy of these bylaws and all amendments thereto, and minutes of meetings. The organization shall strive to store all key documents online to be accessible to all members.

Article XII – Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the organization shall be the same as the calendar year.

Article XIII – Procedure
All meetings are governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article XIV – Amendments
These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed by a two-thirds majority of voting members at any duly noticed meeting of the organization. Any proposed change to the by-laws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting or other noticed meeting. The Secretary shall communicate any proposed change to all members five days prior to the meeting date.

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